“You Say Tomato, I Say Tomatoe; Tomato, Tomatoe…. Let’s Call the Future Off!”

Well, let me begin this piece with a profound apology to Miss Ella Fitzgerald, as these lyrics only actually exist like this in “Urban Myth” form, albeit the real lyrics are similar in both sentiment and structure, yet absolutely not the same.

And it is this curio that leads me, via a conversation with a very experienced Technical Director, to this submission.

Have you ever worked on any form of project, when all parties involved were very nearly, but not actually exactly, on the same page? If this happened in the context of a song lyric, it would undoubtedly be extremely discordant!

In any form of transformation, creating and maintaining an absolute understanding of the fundamentals is always, without exception, the key to a great execution. It ought to be one of the simpler tasks of human communication, yet is always one of the most difficult states to achieve.

The discord happens at several levels; technical, operational and financial are the classics, but even secondary effects such as cultural, enablement and empowerment become critical, as complexity climbs.

Having the ability to succeed as planned, or through clear understanding, to “fail quickly” and change direction, is a primary mechanism to achieving a successful conclusion.

The normal areas for failure in this arena are: various versions of reality being held by various members of the team – the lyric sheets having subtle differences; or when major functional groups are involved, fundamentally different “views” of the program drive perception – ie, same lyrics on the sheet, different languages.

With AccSL™, our solutions library, all these challenges are mitigated. Firstly, and most importantly, there is only one version of the truth. This is achieved with both automation and a governance framework driven by the accompanying application. This is half the problem solved – the “consistent lyrics” issue. The second component for success is to use the “standard lyrics”, but to change languages; so within AccSL™ we can provide the language for technology, operations and finance without changing the actual lyrics. This is maintained throughout the duration of the program, and any deviance from lyrical harmony can be identified and acted upon fast, thereby ensuring that the “ensemble” begin on the downbeat and end on the applause.

If you want to ensure that your transformation is nothing other than harmonious use AccSL™.

AccSL™ from Accordant overcomes the discordant.