Why Accordant Solutions for Service Cost Analysis?

As someone that is my late 20’s, I’ll have to admit that I don’t have the exposure and experience of most people likely to be reading this blog. However, I have already spent some time working for a handful of organisations, in particular in a delivery capacity; either as a consultant through a third party like Accordant Solutions, or directly myself. However, from my somewhat limited experience, it seems clear to me that doing your on service cost analysis is just not feasible.

 Previously, I had worked for an organisation with hundreds of thousands of employees. Like many other large organisations, there was far too much politics and bias – that’s to begin with – imagine what it would be like if you add service cost analysis into the mix. And in my experience of having worked in organisations such as this as well as a small organisation with no more than 30 employees, politics does not just suddenly disappear; it’s just that the dynamic is slightly different.

 Now when it comes to choosing a provider, why would I recommend Accordant? Well there are a few reasons to be honest. Firstly though, it’s at the very core of their service offering. It’s not an addition that they bolted on, or something they started delivering because there was some convoluted merger so they had to try and integrate the service offering alongside their existing portfolio.

 Also, the portfolio that Accordant provide is quite small – now initially this might seem like a ‘bad’ thing, but actually having a streamlined portfolio is a good thing. Again from experience, having a diversified portfolio can often mean that the core aspects – the very foundation of the business, takes a hit in terms of quality and capability. This will not be the case for Accordant – they know what they can deliver and how to deliver it well, and it is part of their strategy to keep delivering across as many customers as possible.

 There is something else quite different about Accordant (and when I say different, read, of great value); Of the three directors in the business, there is both extensive IT experience, but also a fully chartered accountant to boot. To my mind, that gives more peace of mind that the service you are receiving is not just IT biased, but something that is very well rounded, accurate and of great value.

 And lastly (but certainly not least), there is one final unique thing about Accordant Solutions – the directors of the business are not just directors – not just management in their ivory towers as you might find in many organisations. No, they get their hands dirty. They are involved in the day to delivery of services. This brings many benefits, not least of all the fact that everyone in the business truly does have an invested interest to delivery to the highest quality possible.