David Leyland

Director of Business Development

An expert in the Data Centre arena.  With 30+ years experience in the ICT industry, previously holding Head of Service positions within global providers, and running his own complex systems integration and services business for nearly ten years.  His track record is exemplary, and he is recognised as a leading proponent of Next Generation data centre solutions, Information and Digitalisation Advancements.

With his passion for new technology, combined with his wealth of experience, David truly is a living example of “Generation C” – the Connected Generation.

In his own words:-  “What intrigues and motivates me, is the new emerging drive for agility, combined with a strong focus on the customer and user experience.

It has become abundantly clear to me that many of the challenges we all faced for many years, have significantly changed relatively recently, and where once, the majority of strategic choices focussed principally around technology, in the era of the “Next Generation” data centre, these strategic choices have fundamentally changed.

With an array of potential delivery and consumption models available to businesses, the issue has become: how to align the right model accurately with business need. Where once productivity was the battlefield, agility in all its manifestations has become the key competitive advantage today.”