The 30 Second Climate Crisis Bathtub Model

As we enter into the final week of COP26, when most of the headlines will be focused on this agreement or that, and with the media clamouring for soundbites and gaffs, commitments made and promises reneged upon, it occurred to me that it may be worth putting it all into context – And in good Read more ›

The New Social Value Metrics – People, Planet, Prosperity

Focusing on Social Value requires a change in mindset.  In previous years, the bottom line drove all activity for many businesses across the world, and though that’s not quite the case anymore, shifting perspectives to looking outside of an organisation instead of inwards can take some getting used to. A concept we often discuss with Read more ›

Creating Real Social Value

The effects of the global pandemic have been devastating for communities across the world, and as we work to rebuild, we’re presented with an opportunity for growth as well as recovery. Social Value – also known as corporate social responsibility, creating shared value and/or social responsibility – is a growing priority for every organisation.  The Read more ›