Case Studies

Leading UK Housing Association Group

Accordant develops a Cost Justified Strategy for technology platforms and helps design a future state architecture.  Using our custom-built software, AccSL®, a fully costed business justification was delivered, demonstrating significant return on investment, in alignment with the Group’s overall strategy and vision.

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Global Publisher

Accordant reveals the true cost of IT service provision for a global publisher. The deeper insight into the total and split of spend on IT is driving strategic change which will result in better quality services and improved opportunities for staff and suppliers throughout the world.

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Convenience Food Manufacturer

Supporting a migration to the cloud initiative, Accordant conducted an in-depth analysis of the application architecture to understand how information flow unpinned business services and helped to size the target platform by assessing the utilisation of the current infrastructure.

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Oil and Gas Producer

Accordant design and plans a data centre exit strategy which, when delivered on time, resulted in a massive operational cost saving.

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Telecommunications Giant

Accordant helps one of the world’s largest telco providers to understand how its security services are operating in preparation for off-shoring

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