IT Makes An Informed Choice – AccSL™ Software Makes Consumption Based Service Economics, Coupled With Agility, A Reality

Well, I’m just starting into my third week at Accordant. And, already it’s been an exciting ride – it’s been enlightening, interesting and wildly different from my previous incumbency.

As always in a new role, we typically make contact with old friends, colleagues and clients, ostensibly to “reconnect”, but in reality to understand the feedback from trusted friends and colleagues around the new proposal we have. The truth is, I have simply been “blown away” by some of the responses from these known and trusted contacts. A common reaction has been: “the ability to accurately examine the financial realities of particular consumption options can really be the key to unlocking our strategy!”

This early feedback has mirrored my own motivation to join Accordant. In the context of today’s computing environments, there is a myriad of different ways of approaching the provision of services. In many cases this overwhelming breadth of choice has created inertia, as it’s often tricky to determine the right choice for the business.

Once upon a time, a purchasing process could be deployed to consider one series of technical options against another; however, today, the sheer number of options can make these processes both clumsy and inadequate. Also, when considering the exquisite range of choices along the Platform, Hybrid and Cloud axis, finding the right outcome is difficult.

It would also appear to be inappropriate to spend months attempting to determine a solution, when a competitor may move faster and diminish your opportunity. The technical analysis of the options is often the simpler piece of the puzzle, however, the magic really works, when the financial construct is understood in parallel.

When this happens, and an accurate understanding of costs against revenues exists, it is possible to execute against that “Known Criteria”, simply creating contracts that reflect this knowledge. The assumption can be persistently tested through the life of the solution, remediating any divergence from plan.

This really is the “Consumption Based Economics” providing the “Agility” that we all seek. Accordant’s consulting expertise, coupled with AccSL™, are the tools that can make this a reality.