IT Transformation


Transformations and migrations are rarely as straightforward as they initially appear. Modern applications interact and communicate with several data sources. Multiple up and downstream dependencies mean that changes have far reaching consequences, in seemingly unrelated systems. System upgrades, technology refreshes and migrations (whether that be to the cloud, between two clouds or to the data centre) all benefit the organisation. But without in-depth technical knowledge and a detailed project plan, technology transformation adversely impacts customer service, causing catastrophic service outage, resulting in financial losses.

The Accordant Solution

We know that whilst change is necessary it can be demanding on individuals, teams and the wider enterprise. One of the most important parts of transforming for the future is maintaining the present. At Accordant, our team work to ensure  the effort and resources dedicated to change, transformation and migration is balanced by the need to keep the lights on and keep the business generating revenue as usual. Our consultants are trained to ensure this balance is maintained throughout our entire programme of works.

Business Balanced Change

Led by experienced Project Managers, our transformation and migration services are implemented through a tool-led consultative methodology where we assess complexity and maturity of infrastructure, applications and services to develop and implement a roadmap for change which strikes the right cost, risk and benefit balance.

Financial Transformation

Change is implemented for solid financial reasons. Our transformation and migration services are tightly coupled to our IT Financial Management ethos, allowing our customers to predict, justify and subsequently demonstrate its tangible (e.g. financial) and intangible (e.g. customer satisfaction, service maturity) benefits.

Key Benefits

  • Drives transformation, whilst keeping the lights on
  • Improves clarity to reduce complexity
  • Increases change success rates
  • Demonstrates benefits and return on investment