Data Loss Prevention


Data is a companies most priced asset and its protection is paramount and this is all the more relevant as companies move to their data to the cloud and the focus of the business and IT becomes more about collaboration and ease of access to data. 

The role of DLP technology is to identify, monitor and protect data and with the traditional concept of the “perimeter” now blurred making data protection more complex making it imperative that you pick the right partner to support you on your journey.

Business benefits

Visibility – Understanding who has access to your data and where are they sending it is the first critical step in developing a mature and effective data protection solution

Protection – Through development of robust policies, processes, procedures and the use of automated response rules, DLP can bring immense risk reduction to businesses

Compliance –   Supporting compliance with regulatory and corporate standards

Revenue Protection – Data loss can have an immediate and lasting effect on revenue, from regulatory fines (GDPR) to loss of customer confidence or competitors getting to market first due to loss of intellectual property

Key Business Objectives

  • Reduce proliferation of confidential data across enterprise data centres, client systems, remote offices and end-user machines
  • Identify broken business processes transmitting confidential data
  • Being able to define the scope of the breach to the regulators and demonstrate containment or mitigation had taken place
  • Monitor and protect communications of sensitive content
  • Define and deploy global policies across the enterprise
  • Define and deploy local policies across individual business departments
  • Understand and focus on particular areas of perceived risk; e.g. focus on protecting high value information assets, specific communities that may have access to sensitive data
  • Integrate DLP into existing processes and procedures where possible to minimise any impacts through the implementation of DLP as a new service

The Accordant team have extensive knowledge and experience implementing DLP, either as a new greenfield deployment or turning around existing but non-optimal deployments.

We can provide for a full suite of controls, covering:

  • Endpoint Protection
  • Network Monitoring
  • Data Discovery
  • Cloud Protection 

At Accordant, we design the DLP Solution around your requirements

Why Choose Accordant?

  • Global outreach with experience working in Manufacturing, Government, Service Provider, Utility and Public Sector
  • Ability to deliver full end-to-end Solutions from requirement scoping to design, implementation and operational support
  • Deployed DLP across multiple countries (EMEA, APAC, USA)
  • Knowledge and understanding of operating DLP across multiple privacy and regulatory frameworks
  • Successful track record in helping customers maximise their investments and risk reduction
  • Our technical experience, combined with our focus on people and process sets the foundation for repeated successful deployments
  • Business Case Development, IT Financial Management and Cost Benefit Analysis