UK Housing Association Group (Transformation Economics)

Accordant develops a Cost Justified Strategy for technology platforms and helps design a future state architecture.  Using our custom-built software, AccSL®, a fully costed business justification was delivered, demonstrating significant return on investment, in alignment with the Group’s overall strategy and vision. Read more ›

Global Publisher (Transformation Economics)

Accordant reveals the true cost of IT service provision for a global publisher. The deeper insight into the total and split of spend on IT is driving strategic change which will result in better quality services and improved opportunities for staff and suppliers throughout the world. Read more ›

Government Department (Transformation Economics)

A non-ministerial government department had been using an IT cross charging mechanism which was not directly linked to service consumption. Line of business leaders, worrying that they may be overcharged, had started to question their invoices and the value that IT was delivering.           Read more ›

Legal (Transformation Economics)

Ageing IT infrastructure which had not kept up with business growth or requirements resulting in frequent outages and impact on staff and partners. Download the Case Study to see how Accordant helped     Read more ›