We Can’t Stop the Wind; But We Can Adjust the Sails

Dave Yacht

Like it or not, we have entered what Gartner terms the Third Era in enterprise IT; a time of bi-modal IT operations, where the ability to operate in two modes of IT will be not only preferable, but necessary.

Sticking with the sailing analogy, if we visualise setting off in our ship-shape vessel to take part in the UK Round the Island Race, or if we’re feeling more adventurous, The Arc, or the Americas Cup, enjoying the rush of catching the wind and racing to the front.  But what’s this, there’s another yacht coming from behind.  They’re using the latest technology, a go-faster hull, and to top it all Ben Ainsley’s at the helm, using new innovative techniques and team-building strategies.  He’s overtaking fast, and so are others now.

What to do! Lose some weight by ditching the life raft, or unencumber the crew from any restrictions from their life jackets?  Spend less on replacing outdated flares or the latest safety gear?  Think about ditching the current yacht and investigating and investing time and resources into the latest infancy stage technologies?

The truth is that in today’s world, enterprise IT operations need to act bi-modally.  They need to do both.  To be able to operate in two modes – being conventional in practice, so still needing to observe compliance, governance and risk, whilst simultaneously being agile enough to react and forge ahead with the latest technologies, innovations and trends.  We still need the safety of the life raft and jackets, and to have in-date flares to hand.  Yet we also need to keep a lively awareness around emerging technologies.

It’s a tall order. Yet like the sailing analogy, with its necessary observance of compliance and risk; there’s also excitement and a learning present as the pace picks up and we’re travelling at speed, in a symbiotic relationship with the wind and the sea.  They are skills that can be learnt and developed – just as the experience and skills that will be needed for enterprise IT to operate bi-modally will be learnt and developed.

Start searching out the Ben Ainsley’s of your enterprise IT world…


Dave Fardoe,
Founder / Director, Accordant Solutions Ltd
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