AccSL® – Accordant Solutions Library

The Accordant Solutions Library

To support our multi-disciplined consulting expertise, we have developed AccSL®  (Accordant Solutions Library) – our custom-built software solution that provides clarity across your organisation’s service portfolio, revealing: cost, value, complexity and maturity.
Integrating with common discovery and CMDB tools, the solution facilitates service cost analysis, financial modelling/due diligence, and KPI reporting through customisable executive dashboards.
Business cases and ‘what-if’ models can also be rapidly generated and reported as industry-recognised P&L, balance sheets and cash flow reports.

Now Available – AccSLM™ our ‘Lite’ version of AccSL® available on mobile devices (Smartphones & Tablets) – Build a business case / review project Cashflow, ROI and Payback functions all in the palm of your hand. AccSL Mobile (for IOS and Android).


AccSL® is of immense value in operational planning

– IT Director, Central Government


Service Cost Analysis

IT as a cost centre – and how about IT as a business contributor? All modern businesses need IT, good ones leverage it to their advantage. Knowing your IT service supply chain enables you to change perceptions, show value and optimise the service making IT the hero not the villain.

What-if Analysis

What if you could predict the future and accurately forecast the outcomes of your plans before you implement them? Now you can see the effects of your service modifications with a detailed level of advanced insight. Show the real value of new ideas and innovation to the business in the language readily understood by financial leaders. By modelling the financial impact of your upcoming projects, you can unflinchingly make the weighty decisions of the IT Department, with the backup of solid financial data.

Business Case Creation

  • Pinpoint the exact tipping point when your investment will generate financial return (ROI)
  • Confidently demonstrate whether your project will generate sufficient business value and financial return to be viable
  • Answer these questions and more through rapidly generating business cases that demand attention and create buy-in


To understand where you need to go, you need to benchmark where you currently are against common IT and security frameworks (including, CMMM, ITIL v3). This helps organisations demonstrate service capability and understand where investment should and should not be made


When undertaking any kind of IT transformation, knowledge of the pressure points is crucial:

  • Which services are critical?
  • Where there is risk of outage, which services require careful negotiation with the business?
  • Which services require external expertise?

Building up a transformation ‘playbook’ on a service-by-service basis is fundamental to a successful outcome.

Service Dependency Mapping

What is the true cost and impact to the service of downtime? When migration planning, which services should be migrated together? A visual mapping of upstream and downstream dependencies (services and IT assets) enables this and more. Identify service relationships and minimise risk across the service portfolio.

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