1. Get the text books out

Third party, third line support costs for niche software can quickly mount up. If you are regularly spending money on support calls, think about growing your own talent, arming passionate employees with a text book and an industry training course. Ambitious team members will rise to the challenge.


  1. Predictive IT costs

Although few and far between in the legacy world, an increasing number of cloud-based services will allow you to set budget alerts and limits, giving an element of control to your costs.

  1. Track downtime

With any service outages, there is the chance that your supplier has breached their SLA and you could be due a rebate on their costs. In isolation, this may not amount to much, yet when it comes to contract re-negotiation, being armed with data supporting the performance of a service may give significant leverage (and cost savings!


4. Use network discovery tools

Industry leading network and licensing discovery tools from iQuate, ServiceNow and Total Network Inventory can rapidly reconcile your current software and services, hardware, cloud usage and current settings. This insight can deliver “quick fixes” and rapid cost savings, particularly when it comes to obsolete hardware, legacy software and so called “shelfware” that is not being used at all. Accordant’s AccSL® IT cost savings software integrates directly with these discovery tools to translate their data into measurable costs savings of around 30%

5. Trim admin/contractor costs

Efficient running of your IT department means holistically looking at headcount. For certain roles (particularly longer term roles) trimming contractor costs is an obvious way to save costs. Newer staffing initiatives include IT apprenticeships, virtual teams, flatter management structures and collaboration tools to improve efficiency and drive innovation.

6. Tweak settings to drive efficiency

Check settings on servers, cloud applications and SaaS. Cloud providers have complex pricing matrices and many charge for being switched on, not just server usage.

On the SaaS side – are there users no longer working for your company? Removing unused licenses may put you into a lower pricing tier.

For cloud usage – it can pay dividends to switch off development server instances at night when they are less likely to be used. Cloud is cost effective when it is used smartly, rather than an ‘always on’ approach.

7. Analyse bills

Overbilling is so common; a trained eye checking for billing errors can save you 5%. Some organisations don’t investigate errors under a certain amount, yet these errors compound and can lead to significant savings.

Accordant Solutions are a team of IT Consultants offering IT Financial Management, (ITFM). We have developed our own IT cost savings software, typically saving our clients 30% on their IT costs, while improving the quality and value of IT services.

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