5 Steps to Prepare for an IT Cost Saving Exercise

5 Steps to Prepare for an IT Cost Saving Exercise

  1. Audit your entire IT Estate
    Gather usage data from all areas of your IT estate using IT reports, user questionnaires, manual audits and popular CMDB tools. Aggregate this data and put it into a format with which you can perform detailed analysis. An analysis of this data will show you areas where you can make savings.


  1. Map Service Interdependencies
    When you have identified areas of potential cost savings, it is important to map service interdependencies, (where one service relies upon another). A good example of this is a software that has an API to interact with another software.


  1. Measure the true impact to the business
    How will you replace a service? How will removal of a service impact its users? How will their migration path be communicated? How long will the migration take? Who will manage the process?


  1. Produce a Business Case Report
    Any aspiring CIO knows that leading an IT transformation project, particularly one that is driven by cost savings, needs buy in from senior management. To do this, we need to make a strong business case, written in the language of finance leaders. Your report will be able to demonstrate tangible cost savings, how the change will happen, and the wider impact to the business.


  1. Perform several “What if Analyses”
    Upon scrutiny of your plan, business leaders will want to “test” the plan and see what happens if you vary the timelines, resources or outcomes. This is commonly referred to as a “what if” scenario. You will be able to see exactly where your break-even points are. Confident use of “What if Analysis” gives comfort at Executive Level, that you have done more than “put a finger in the air”, that you have actually tested the best options and variables.

Fortunately, Accordant Solutions have developed software that quickly performs all of the above tasks for you:

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