Claudio Ranieri Creates The Case For Agile Computing

Well, without always having to hide behind a sporting metaphor, (I hope), I make no excuse for this one.

And before I begin, I would also like to congratulate Leicester City FC on a result that has simply put the world of football, and probably sport, “on its head”!  It has been an outstanding result, with the 5000/1 “rank outsider” minnows totally overwhelming the “giants of the sport”.

So why is this relevant in the context of “Agile Third Generation” computing solutions?  Well let’s think about it.  For many years the Premiership has been an “arms race”.  Simply put, the most successful teams could afford the most expensive players, and the players provided success. The successful clubs had more money, and they bought better players. And this perpetuated a log jam at the top of the sport.

This simple fact also seemed to polarise the teams into those that “could”, and those that “couldn’t” – which further compounded the issue.

Leicester City’s Manager, Claudio Ranieri, has totally dismantled that blockade this year.  His squad, which in total have cost a fraction of the world’s most expensive players, have come from a mixture of backgrounds; non-League players, rejects, and the unpopular with other clubs all.  Ranieri has breathed some “magic” into these vagabonds, and has them playing a brand of fearless, competitive, skilful football that has led them to this amazing place.

So was it ‘magic”?  Of course it was, because to some degree at least, the most successful managers bring some special ingredient to their teams.  The “Pantheon” of this effect is: Fergusson, Busby, Michels, Stein, Mourinho, and of course the greatest of the greats, Paisley, (No bias there then!! – but you get the point).  The “magic” is in fact being able to objectively understand what you you have, (your squad), understanding the competitor, and exquisitely playing the one against the other, whilst applying clarity of vision, and motivating your team through purpose.  How hard can that be?

Well, of course it is difficult, and that is why the very best can achieve it, and many others just waste money.

The reason this examination is valid within our industry is exactly the same.  For years a huge arms race existed, and simply ensuring you could finance the most expensive and sophisticated solutions would take you a long way towards success. And this reality has existed for 30 years.

The Leicester City comparisons of the commercial world have recently arrived; they are the “Contenders” – the Air BNB, the Uber, the Apple Pay – they have become championship contenders by playing a specific brand of football, sorry commerce, that puts them at the “Top of the League Table”, without buying the expensive squad.

This happens for exactly the same reasons within commerce. Undoubtedly these contender companies all have inspirational leaders with clarity of vision and immense expertise, yet they have not entered the “arms race”; they have all taken a different approach to the problem.

At Accordant we have the clarity of vision and expertise to make your “magic” happen.  Let us help you create the business outcome without wasting money on the “ FC Barcelona” business, but using only the Leicester City budget.

Or should I say, create the Leicester City outcome, on the Leicester City budget!