One solution to fit all?

The IT industry is synonymously associated with new evolving solutions, pioneering technology and rapidly developing industry trends. Whether you are hearing about Big Data, Cloud, Consolidating Data Centres, Green-IT or any new trend in the technology arena, there is huge pressure to keep relevant and up-to-date. But is adopting the new technology trend always necessary and should you be concerned of being left-behind if you have not embraced the latest trend?

Many of the best trends were born of necessity. Why was there a huge drive towards green and efficient IT? Environmental & sustainability concerns. Big Data? To answer the increasing volumes, processing power and trends.  Cloud- flexible and dynamic solutions and so on. On the other side, consider the technology trends that have been labelled a failure (Laserdisc, Betamax, Virtual Reality, Digital Audiotape etc.) which serve as a warning to early adopters that the latest trends may not last.
So which trends always be adopted? There is a huge pressure on everyone to ensure they remain competitive in all arenas and keep up with the latest technology (for fear of being left behind?). However, there has actually been a false start to many of these successful trends. Cloud has been slow to adopt for many customers- particularly in regions such as Germany. Big Data was often talked about as hype and misunderstood. Green initiatives often construed as a PR stunt and not always achieving the perceived environmental benefits.

So how do we determine what is relevant and if we should adopt these technologies? We cannot expect people to be an expert in everything, more-so with the growing pace of change, global pressures and rapidly evolving IT market. So people look for trusted advisors to guide them on this journey. In step the consultants. People who have experience get FileMaker Pro 14 of these technologies and visions of what the future hold for us. A human touch to take us on a journey from where we are now to where we need to be.

This is nothing new. However, what has surprised me is how many consulting engagements often give a revelation that the new technology trend does not fit. ‘Move your infrastructure into the cloud?’- ‘but you already have a secure infrastructure with a long life, better performance, cheaper running costs and more flexibility’. ‘Adopt Green IT’- but the environmental impact of the move would actually be more damaging.

Clearly, engaging with an experienced consultancy can give you a fresh view and understanding of the technology. Consultants can rapidly assess suitability and give crucial information to the client. It is in the consultant’s best interest to form a trusted lasting relationship by giving the best advice in each scenario. The consultant clearly wants a successful client. The formerly common approach of large kit manufacturers and resellers throwing in ‘free’ consultancy is being overtaken in the new IT arena by agile, independent consulting firms who bring huge benefit and value to engagements. People want independent advice before investing in new technology trends. One solution clearly does not suit all, and it is healthy to challenge yourself and get expert advice.


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