Tomorrow’s Business will be Driven by Technology

As we talk about moving into the next generation or 3rd Era of IT, of digitalisation and digital transformation, it sounds as though we’re referring to some far off future time. It’s easy to be unaware of how far we’ve already come….

It’s twenty past nine on a Saturday morning, October 2015, and I could be sitting anywhere creating this blog, using Google Glass to track sources on the web, launching apps into augmented reality, linking my leap motion controller wirelessly to the head up display. I have before me full motion control in virtual space with an almost limitless amount of screen real estate to play with.

Seamlessly I can link my MacBook Pro, my office desktop and smartphone, giving me a totally synced world; I can work anywhere, anytime.

Right now I’m sitting on a sun drenched apartment balcony in Spain, looking out over Palma bay. Flying here yesterday I caught up on a few emails using the free WiFi at the Airport and pondered the previous 48 hours.

Thursday I had just finished a meeting with clients in London and was sitting in one of my many frequented café bars drinking coffee, as I got up to go, I paid by phone, and wandered through Hays Galleria. My geodata automatically scanned, and targeted media, and marketing is beamed straight to my Glass, appearing magically projected into my field of vision.

Not only do I now know I need to buy that particular something, but the Big Data trawl informs me that it’s my wedding anniversary today, and my wife has been searching for a newly released book for the last four days; in fact its top of her Amazon wish list. Handy, (not forgetting the anniversary I mean). Also handy is the bookstore in Hays that has a copy (doubly good as she hasn’t yet made the transition into Kindle).

After the store visit I find a quiet spot and hold a quick Skype call with our Finance Director, who’s currently about to depart the US en route to Singapore via Australia (he tells me work is hell. Hmmm!). He screen-shares some documents he’s working on, and after some discussion and adjustments, the documents are emailed off to the recipients. I check Twitter and some updates to an innovation forum I’ve been following and the collaboration we have been working on is going well. I reply to some emails and listen to a recorded webcast. Then head home, new book and fresh flowers in hand. We pack, check in online and make our way to the airport, show our booking codes and car hire reservations (stored on our phones) and the long weekend begins.

You think this may be fantasy? Think again; not one element of this story is impossible, In fact bar the Google glass and target marketing, (which by the way is under development), it all here now.

Tomorrow’s business will be driven by technology, not simply reliant upon it. The next generation will demand it. It is unlikely that businesses unable to provide a hyper-elastic working environment and agile capability, will be able to attract talent? If you can’t attract talent how will you retain resources, remain relevant, and scale alongside the needs and demands of your customers? Sorting it out tomorrow is too late if your intention is to compete with the guys who are delivering it today.

If you’re stuck in mañana, thinking Social, Mobile, Agile and Big Data are tomorrow’s subject areas, think again, or you’re in danger of becoming a bit yesterday – We’re already well on our way to digitalisation. Digital transformation is really business transformation – so we’d better get transforming. Business Balanced IT and BiModal capabilities have never been more important.

However, one thing’s for sure – as the sun passes the yardarm, my ice cold beer is one thing that will most certainly not be virtual…..